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Supplementary Tools for Performance Trust University® Graduates

At Performance Trust University®, we believe that education outside the classroom is essential to staying on top of market challenges. With that in mind, we offer a variety of resources designed to provide further insight into topics taught at our Principles of Performance™ course.


Slope, Slope and More Slope

Watch as Kurt Fritz demonstrates the importance of studying slope and getting back to the fundamentals in these challenging times.


Historic Yield Table

This Historical Yield Curve depicts the overall movement of interest rates on securities by showing the interest rates (or “yields”) for various maturities of U.S. Treasury bonds.


Expert Prediction Graph

Can anyone predict the future direction of interest rates? Check out our interactive expert prediction graph and see how the top economists fared in their rate forecasts.


PTU White Papers

Our team members come from a variety of financial backgrounds and represent a vast knowledge base. When specific hot topics emerge in the market, these individuals lend their expertise to these white papers as an additional resource for financial institutions.


Video Definitions Library

Want to learn more about Performance Trust University? Watch here as our experts break down key concepts into comprehensive terms.


Interactive Glossary

If you don’t have a hard copy of the Performance Trust University® glossary on hand, you can search for a definition quickly using this online version of the glossary.

Please contact us if you would like a copy for your institution.

The research and other information provided herein has been prepared for informational purposes only and is not an offer or solicitation to purchase or sell securities. Performance Trust Capital Partners (Performance Trust) may make a market, or have a position in the securities discussed herein and may purchase or sell the same on a principal basis or as an agent. Investing involves risks, including the potential for principal loss. There is no guarantee that the strategies and services will be successful or outperform other strategies and services. Investing in bonds includes assumption of risks, including rising interest rates to decrease the value of bonds. Certain assumptions may have been made in connection with the analysis presented herein, and changes to the assumptions may have a material impact on the analysis or results. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The investments discussed herein may be unsuitable for investors depending on their specific investment objectives and financial position. Investors should independently evaluate each investment discussed in the context of their own objectives, risk profile and circumstances. With respect to the information contained herein that has been obtained from public sources, while Performance Trust believes this information to be reliable, Performance Trust does not guarantee its accuracy, adequacy or completeness and is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of such information.