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Advanced Course

The Advanced Course® is something truly special.

For our customers, it is an annual opportunity to view risk and opportunity in the current marketplace through the lens of Shape Management®. The introductory Performance Trust University® course, Principles of Performance, lays the foundation of Shape Management concepts and provides a perspective that changes the way you see portfolio and balance sheet risk. By contrast, The Advanced Course expands on these concepts by applying them to the current market environment, showcasing the special opportunities and dangers that are only apparent when viewed through this unique lens. Given the timeliness of the framework, the Advanced Course curriculum is unique year-to-year. As the home of Performance Trust and the location of The Advanced Course, Chicago is an annual destination for Performance Trust customers who don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

The Advanced Course is a three-day seminar that is only held once a year; just like the market, once the opportunity is gone, it’s gone! The Performance Trust University Team puts intense effort into developing a distinctive course, while select partners of the firm spend hundreds of hours generating the most current assessment of market risk and reward. We are committed to using top-rated speakers, including Rich Berg, Performance Trust CEO, frequent national speaker and television personality. The material taught at each year’s Advanced Course is so powerful and timely that we even encourage professional employees of Performance Trust to attend. This dramatically increases our firm’s investment in the course, underscoring our belief that education is as critical a tool for us as it is for you. As with our institutional participants, long-term benefits far outweigh any short-term sacrifices.

Don’t miss out on this year’s program! The Advanced Course is generally open to all Performance Trust clients who have attended Principles of Performance. Our registration site contains detailed information about the upcoming Advanced Course.

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Our next date for The Advanced Course® is:
June 6-8, 2018


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