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It’s not just what you know. It’s how you apply that information to solve real-world problems.

Performance Trust University® offers the premier fixed-income portfolio education program in the United States, designed to help community financial institutions acquire the tools to ask the right questions and make better risk/reward decisions.

Principles of Performance Advanced Course MoneyBall for Bankers
A 3-day accelerated learning experience that focuses on the persistent truths of fixed-income investing and introduces new techniques for applying the same disciplines to the entire balance sheet.

An invitation-only course that applies our proven methodology to current fixed-income market trends and industry analysis. By focusing our disciplined approach on the current environment, we provide the insight and tools that are key to helping your institution thrive in uncertain times.

In Moneyball, we learned how the Oakland A’s used player statistics in new and powerful ways to improve their franchise dramatically. In MoneyBall for Bankers, we’ll learn how thinking differently about the finance of banking can dramatically improve your franchise.

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